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We have an interesting and exciting experience planned for January!  While it’s cold outside, we’ll attend this meeting from the warmth and comfort of our offices.  Bonus, we will be sharing this unique virtual experience with our friends from the MPI Tennessee Chapter.  The education includes time to get to know our southern neighbors.

Join us on Wednesday, January 19th for a joint virtual meeting with MPI TN focusing on Leveraging the Enneagram to Enhance Your Communication and Leadership Skills.  We are thrilled to have Kim Rapach , Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Certified Enneagram Coach, share how to use the Enneagram to lead authentically, communicate effectively, and develop tools to let go of habitual patterns that don’t serve us.  Kim uses her personal and professional experience to help successful entertainers, entrepreneurs and high-profile personalities find the missing links to the dissatisfaction in their personal lives.  Her coaching process helps people unhook from areas that have them emotional stuck; and it works!  Watch this to learn more about Kim! 

Event Description:

Improving your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a leader, results in improved communication, team dynamics, and customer relations. The Enneagram is a personality assessment designed to help people better understand themselves and others. Unlike other popular personality tests, rather than putting you in a box, the Enneagram shows you the box you are already in, as well as how to get out. By taking time to learn about the Enneagram at work, leaders can improve communication and manage conflict, while building a team that thrives on each other’s differences.


  1. Establish the ability to eliminate the judgement and frustration with self and others that are a frequent element of leadership, by learning how to allow yourself to lead authentically, from your best self.  
  2. Learn how to effectively communicate and interact with your team and clients by developing a deep understanding of the motivations and reactions of yourself and those with whom you interact.
  3. Develop tools that allow yourself to let go of habitual patterns that hold you back, including Imposter Syndrome, by opening up to your own inherent gifts and strengths as a leader.   

Highly effective teams are made up of individuals with strong self-awareness, who understand and relate intentionally to co-workers, understand the group and team dynamics and know how to harness their diverse gifts and strengths. Improve your EQ as a leader, resulting in improved communication, team dynamics and customer relations. Register today and learn how to lead and interact from your best self.

MPI KBC Agenda (Eastern Time):

12:00 Welcome & Joint Chapter Announcements

12:15 Kim Rapach - Leveraging the Enneagram to Enhance Your Communication and Leadership Skills

1:15 Networking Breakouts (Rotate 3 times)

1:40 Thank you and Closing Message


To get the most of this event, we encourage you to do the following:

Preparation Steps:

  • Watch this 4 ½ minute  Enneagram video from Kim which will explain more about the assessment
  • Take the Assessment* (details below)
  • Additional information is available!  Read:
    Leveraging the Enneagram to Enhance Your Communication and Leadership Skills
    Enneagram Overview Summary
  • After you take the assessment, the results will reveal your top 3 personality styles.   Read through your descriptions.  Compare the top two results to the wings.  For example, if you resonate with the THREE as your core type, you would have to prefer a TWO or a FOUR as your wing. If neither of those resonate as a close second to your core type, you may not actually be a THREE. 
  • Each core type goes to another type in stress and integration.  Once you’ve narrowed down your top core and wing types, take a look at the arrows to help finalize where you are more holistically connected at your core.   You’ll understand this better after you take the assessment!

*Assessment Options:

Below are three versions to choose from.  It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the assessment.

WEPSS - $10
This assessment is preferred by Kim Rapach.  Kim says that it is incredibly accurate, and offers a lot of insight as to how this applies to everyday life, as well as how you may have adapted to your core type.  

Download from the App Store or Google Play. You cannot download this assessment.  The app offers the option to purchase it for $2.99 or share on social for the free version. 

There is also a fairly reliable (and free) resource that is Christian faith based with Your Enneagram Coachhttps://assessment.yourenneagramcoach.com/

We look forward to sharing this unique experience with you!


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